Cameron Hogg


I am an Intuitive Healer, specialising in DEATH, DYING- Grief and bereavement.

I have been The Spiritual Counsellor at Hospice Wits since 2011- and have supported many people
to transition through physical to the spiritual and supported their loved ones to allow the experience of death to help them grow in awareness.

I see men, women and children at my private Practice in Glenferness daily from mid-day.

The challenges of life today are for us to listen to our Higher Self to hear what our soul is drawn towards,
that gives us a sense of purpose and meaning in life.

It’s so much more than just about money, status, education and productivity : It’s about what we feel – Our awareness to life – Our passion to express our truth.

Psychic Life Coaching is how we learn to hear our Higher Self.

As a Spiritual teacher, he teaches awareness, and consciousness of being –  challenges  that we are all finding more and more difficult to
embrace,  with the demands made on us from the material world of this, the 21st Century.

For 25 years Cameron has studied ‘Anthroposophy’ – the works of Rudolf Steiner. He was Chairman of the Council of Management, of the Johannesburg Waldorf School for 10 years. As a Medical Reporter, he has traveled around Europe and India producing and presenting Medical and Lifestyle television programmes for his medical actuality programme ‘Medic-Air’, which ran on the SABC for over 10 years.

For his work in reporting on alternate medicine, and the holistic approach to healing,  he was identified in 1996 as an  Altruist and awarded the ‘Albert Schweitzer Gold Medal’ inVienna.

In 1997 he was awarded the ‘European Order of Merit’at the European Parliament in Brussels, and also that year,  knighted into ‘The Order of St. John of Jerusalem’ at the Esterhuissy Palace in Hungary.

How has his biography unfolded?

Cameron Matriculated at Christian Brothers College Kimberley, and after four years studying Drama at the University of Cape Town, he completed a post graduate course in Design at Chelsea School of Art in London. For five years he managed an Italian design company in Europe and America– before returning to South Africa to take up a position in the Film Industry.  In 1987 he married a South African wife and in 1988  his first daughter was born. Also in that year Cameron was diagnosed with cancer of the bladder.

During remission, after  successful surgery and chemotherapy, he was contracted by the SABC,  to produce and present a series of documentaries in support of the slogan ‘Cancer Can Be Beaten” this took him on a journey which proved beyond doubt, that something much deeper than just our physical being was engaged, and essential in complete healing.  This started his life work of exploration into alternate medicine, and spiritual healing.  Cameron produced numerous programmes in this field, and also a series on lifestyle choices ’37 Degrees’. He was later commissioned to direct the series “Bloudruk” for Kyknet,  focusing  very specifically, on Spiritual Transformation in human beings, how it manifests and unfolds.

In 2002, immediately after the completion of this series, Cameron’s own 14 year old daughter was involved in a near fatal riding accident, which left her with severe traumatic brain injuries. He was now challenged  to put into practice all that he knew to be true about healing. To walk the talk. Against the odds presented by medical professionals, he and his wife nursed their daughter through her coma in ICU, and then  through 70 days of intense rehabilitation using all modalities of healing, alternate and allopathic, and back to school. Today she is a perfectly healthy twenty four year old at university, with not a single symptom or trace of her accident and personal fight for life.

Cameron walks the talk. He supports many, many people on an ongoing basis to do the same. He councils couples, runs pre-marital courses, stress and anger management sessions, and teaches the benefits of meditation and stillness.

He has extensive knowledge of spiritual writings, he uses his hands to physically balance and realign clients in energy healing, and his intuition to support people in exploring and resolving issues held in their subconscious minds, from both this life and past lives. Cameron teaches unconditional love, and the importance of dissolving the ‘egoic’ state in this life.

He supports the concept of “the New Earth” and the need we all have, to allow our consciousness to flow through us from our higher dimension,  to experience peace and harmony during our time in this earth life.

Cameron produces Relaxation and Meditation CDs, training DVDs, and is currently writing a book on  his life and the living in dual consciousness  titled “Be Great!”

Cameron is a fully registered member of EPASA.