Chakras are of the main energy centres on the body.  According to the Ayurvedic Medicine it is through the Chakras that we absorb and distribute ‘prana’  – life force / energy. We can easily and quickly pick up a blockage in one of our Chakras through physical symptoms in our physical body. These are obviously a consequence of an emotional expression, reaction, or response to the world around us.

To be balanced healthy and happy – we need to be able to identify and release blockages in these energy centers.

The touch therapy – a massage with warm oils – is an hour long treatment that helps release any blockages and opens up the energy field of the client. We are all designed to be happy and successful – but we need on going physical support to maintain balance and harmony – especially in 2013 as we move more and more into the realm of  “feeling” We need to be listening to our bodies.

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