Each and every one of us are alive,  in order to transform ourselves – every event we experience in our lives moves us along the path of our destiny, and each event has an effect on us, which changes us in one or other way.

Self  Actualisation  – is a process of becoming “aware” of  becoming “more conscious” and being able to witness the transformations taking place in us.  When we can witness our lives, from a place of balance and harmony, we feel more empowered more positive, more excited and most importantly much happier about life. And yes, everyone wants to be happy – it is just that we often believe it will come from something outside of us. It won’t – Happiness comes from “within” – so the sooner we start the work of self actualisation – the sooner we will find out what it really means to be happy.


So,  to support ones journey of self actualisation there are lots of tools –  our physical body is the vehicle for our spirit to experience life on earth – and therefore learning to listen to, and learn from what our body is saying to us becomes a powerful tool in this work.

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