This is a Therapeutic Reiki Massage Therapy designed to relax and balance the energy of the body.

This treatment allows you to connect with your body, free of the limitation and restrictions  imposed by clothing. This allows you to identify where your body holds stress and pains, and to deal with them on a physical as well as emotional level. Exploring the original trigger for the reaction that is held in the body.

A full session of 52 mins allows you to experience the treatment within  two blood flow cycles. This is private time for yourself where you are switched off from the outside world.  This therapy promotes deep relaxation and gives an immediate sense of well being, and calmness –while also stimulating good sleep, improved self esteem, boosting blood circulation and stimulating the immune system.



Reiki is a form of Japanese Spiritual healing – drawing on Reiki energy that is channelled to areas of need in the client. Reiki stimulates the body’s molecules to vibrate with higher intensity, with the objective of  releasing and dissolving  energy blockages caused by emotional reactions to events in day to day life. These blockages are what cause disharmony and consequently ‘ dis – ease’ in the body. Knowing how many electronic fields we are engulfed in,  and how they can affect us – makes it vital to balance the bodies energies on a weekly basis to ensure optimum health and well being.

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